Wednesday, August 3, 2016

...he put a ring on it...

Frankie is my baby sister, and the most incredible one there is. She is the most giving person and forever doing things for others, especially me. She makes being an older sister the best and easiest thing. I can always count on her for anything...even if she's mad at me she'll come thru for me. haha best thing about having sisters right?
Frankie has been such an amazing influence in my life. With her life decisions and choices you'd think she had a wonderful example as a sister to follow lol.. well she did, Lusi is a perfect example of that hahaha... She has been my best friend from the day she was born and to this day still remains one of my favorite people on this planet. She is so fun and wonderful with my kids and treats them like her own from the spoiling to the disciplining ;) Frankie is 'THAT' sister/daughter that just does EVERYTHING RIGHT and I've always admired that about her. We were never envious of each other and I'm always grateful to have had such a warm and loving relationship with her. Frankie is someone I'd definitely want my Alilia to be like and that's why this post is bittersweet to me. (**insert crybaby face...a cute one, not an ugly one**)
She recently got engaged to her sweetheart Timani and although I know now that she won't just be right there to pu'i on anymore, saying I'm excited for her is pretty much an understatement. My heart is so full and I love the fact that she will be partaking of sacred covenants to seal the deal for eternity. Remaining worthy of those covenants is a rare thing to find now did I say I was happy for her? hah I love that she will be joining the married club. I've been telling her how being married is soooo the business! She will be the most amazing wife because she has the biggest heart and strongest mind. Her love for the gospel will definitely reflect on their life together and I KNOW she will rock motherhood.
Not very many people knew about Timani or know him but we love him so much and so grateful he has had the patience and was so persistent with Frankie these past couple of years. Super grateful he has kept all his priesthood promises and is pretty much obsessed with my little sister. I love the way he treats her. He is the sweetest to her even if she's annoying and being a punk lol. I'm so grateful Heavenly Father has preserved him for her. And I hope he always knows how much we love him and are grateful to have him in our family. Now I just hope he teaches Frankie how to cook, 'cause rice ain't gonna fill them up every night. ;p LOL Here are a few photos from their engagement pictures. So glad I got to share this day with them. Seeing them in love is the cutest thing.

photo credit: Sodapop Photography

November 18th is just around the corner and then Frankie will be able to be in mine and Lusis "married" convos ;p LOL... Can't wait. 

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