Friday, August 19, 2016

...weird but blessed...

I've always heard that every pregnancy is different. I've had my share of both good and bad. My first pregnancy was so bomb from finding out I was expecting at about 6 months, no sicknesses or to much weight gain, delivery was cake (she popped out during my practice push lol), I lucked out on beautiful long healthy locks, and even to her first two years of life, she was wonderful (because now it's more like the "terrible 4's")... She made being a parent/mother so easy to grasp and get use to. #Winnin I seriously lucked out having it good with her that Shawn and I for sure thought the next child would be the child pregnancy from hell... well, almost 2 years later came the morning sickness, the body aches, the shedding of hair, the toothaches, the sensitive nose, and the level of annoyance that was out of this world.... everything everyone did annoyed the heck out of me. haha... Surprisingly the third trimester was the best for us. Although I had gained like 50 lbs and was uncomfortable it felt wonderful to not be sick in that third trimester. From then on it was easy peezy... Lauina, like Alilia came right as I hit 38 weeks. I was in labor for about 11 hours and he kept giving the nurses a scare because his heart rate kept dropping. All I remember was them telling me this guy was gonna be a little teaser because every time they'd rush into our room all of a sudden his heart rate was fine haha... After about 11 hours Lauina decided "okay I'm ready to be nice and come out!" By the 4th push our baby boy was out. The epidural had faded away just in time and I felt everything, it was awesome. I actually loved Lauinas birth. To this day, as he is in his terrible twos he is exactly the same. He's such a teaser and he does everything on his own timing... He decides when he wants to be our sweet little cuddler and also decides when he wants to be a punk kid lol..
Although both were completely different I am so blessed they both came out with the best health...and that, I will forever be grateful to our Heavenly Father for. After having these two kiddos it is no doubt that they are our world, however Shawn and I decided that we should be done with having kids. Just for our own personal reasons, we didn't feel the need to have more...................................................

Well............ after Lauina of course having more kids came up again. We found ourselves discussing "what if" convos about a growing family. I told Shawn if....KEYWORD IF... we did have another child or two or three lol we would need to have one ASAP and while we were already in the routine of things like changing diapers and staying up late, etc...etc... Shortly after Lauina turned 2 we found out we were expecting with our third baby. If you know me you know I absolutely hate pregnancies... especially after Lauinas. Don't get me wrong, I am obsessed with expecting mothers but I just don't like being pregnant. I think the human body is amazing little oven as it bakes our babies but I just don't like it.. I didn't really know what to expect from this pregnancy but was ready for whatever.....or so I thought.
I was wrong of course... We knew we were excited about having a new addition but this pregnancy has been so weird. I can't even find another word for it. It's just been weird. From the beginning (2 months when we found out) it was odd. The morning sickness was baaaaad. Like worse than with Lauina. I swear every strong smell made me sick. Food that sat out and wasn't covered or put away made me sick. Shawns scent made me sick. If the kids played outside and would come back in their "little kid" scent made me sick lol... My own perfume made me sick. My thrive shakes made me sick. Meat made me sick. Fast food and greasy food made me sick so I was basically living a vegetarian life- salad and subway every. single. day. And believe it or not when I would get irritated I would seriously feel sick lol... no joke it was horrible and believe me I felt like an A hole. One thing though, I am thankful for is I kept on thriving even through out the whole morning sickness thing and I never felt tired or sleepy...sick...but not tired. Make sense?- Yeah didn't think so hahaha
 Although I hated food and would go to sleep grumpy because I was starving and didn't want to eat because I knew I'd just throw up, I was still waking up refreshed and feeling energized just to get sick and throw up hahaha. nah but really.... I feel like if I wasn't thriving I'd be a complete HANGRY mean grump.
As I am well into my second trimester things have gotten a lot better. In my first trimester drama I had lost 11 lbs.... (YAY?? lol) but not to worry at my last appointment I had gained back 9 (insert Rolling Eyes). I am now open to most food. I am back to enjoying my meat and not going to sleep as grumpy lol... The sensitive nose has turned down about 5 notches (that's the scent level...not the size ;p just to clear that up lol) and am grateful for that because I swear that's what triggered the puking too.
Needless to say, I am feeling much better but it's just been so weird to me that in the first trimester all the things I absolutely couldn't stand I actually love now in the second trimester. I am back to loving my husbys scent. I can change Lauinas stink diapers, and my annoyance level...well that's still there (#MyPoorFamily) it's just not as bad. I am still thriving and truly wish I had thrived with my last two pregnancies...I LOVE IT and thoroughly enjoy being able to be energized and waiting on my kids to wake up from naps just to play with them and enjoy them before this child is born and becomes the favorite child. ;) haha

I do find myself extremely blessed that my family has been so patient with me and so caring. Alilia has been the best help around. The entire time I was sick and throwing up she'd wait by the door and make sure I was okay. She makes me want more daughters. Tongans say to have girls is a true blessing because as you age the girls are the ones that will take care of you...while your sons go and take care of their wives and inlaws lol... I already see the truth in that with Alilia. She is my bff!! She is always caring for me and always so quick to forgive me after I discipline her lol... And Shawn....well he's always good to me. He teaches me patience like no other...not so much because I need it with him but because he's so patient with me and deals with all my complaints and eeeeverything else. =/ People say they can see my "glow" but I don't know what glow they're talking about haha but hey if you see a glow it's definitely because my family has been so good to me. It is because of them that even on the rough days they are the ones that bring the truest happiness. I'm so grateful to my Heavenly Father for constantly blessing me with amazing people in my life.
Praying the rest of this pregnancy is chill and I don't get to fat lol...but if I do whatev- it sucks but I don't even care anymore haha.. I'm so anxious and excited to meet our new babe in December....

....and if you're still reading this....thanks haha. This post was really meant to be a pregnancy update...and only about this pregnancy but of course I blabbered on and on about everything else. Anyway, HURRY UP DECEMBER!!

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