Saturday, August 15, 2015

...time for your check up...

Can I just say THANK YOU DOC MCSTUFFINS?! =) my poor Alilia has always had issues with low iron. It'd be great one week or month and low the next so she'd have to go to the dr.'s and get poked for blood to check her levels, get blood taken, get a catheter, and at one point she was put on an iron supplement that smelt and tasted like cement. =( It was always scary for me and Shawn, Shawn especially, if I wasn't home and she'd have a fever he would take her straight to the ER. lol... seriously? After I think the 3rd visit I was about to strangle him because he had no clue how much ER bills were. However, I must say I am glad he always played safe than sorry. As an effect of Alilia being in and out of the hospital for those reasons saying she hated the doctors office was probably an understatement. She'd cry when she knew we were going to the doctors and would NOT be cooperative with the nurses AT ALL.....then she started watching Doc McStuffins and realized that the doctor was not the bad guy after all.

Lauina has always been such a healthy baby, so when he'd get sick, he wasn't to fond of the doctors office and would react the same way. I'm sure it's normal for babies. On the other hand this last time we went to the doctors for their wellness checks, my babies totally blew me away. They were so awesome and well behaved...I felt like we tricked the doctors and nurses in making them believe we were actually good parents LOL. They were both very cooperative in a mannerly way and very polite to their pediatrician and nurses. It was such a breeze and we are thankful for that.
My babies are growing so fast. Alilia is 26 lbs and Lauina is right behind her at 25.6 lbs but seems he's waaaaay heavier than her. He is all solid. =) Alilias iron levels have improved immensely and we are just in heaven after hearing that. I believe the big reason they were so cooperative is because they had each other. I know it made it easier for Lauina to take vitals and actually sit still and open his mouth because Alilia was totally into it as well......(thanks to Doc McStuffins). The entire time we kept reminding them they were like Docs toys and just getting fixed and checked on to make sure their bodies were working properly.
I'm so glad and so blessed that they have each other. At one point we thought our one baby would be fine and we'd be okay with just one kid because then we could spoil her and provide much better for her if it was only her, but Heavenly Father truly knows us and knows what's best for us and what we need and, Oh man.....I don't know how us 3 even lived life before Lauina. He is such a sweet soul and such a blessing to our family. His sister is a blessing not only to us but to him as well....he just adores the heck out of her and like always (or at least for now) thinks she's the most rad thing around.
I absolutely love watching them grow, it is pure bliss to me. So glad they chose me to be their mommy. Because of them, I am one happy mommy who's heart just melts when I see them, think of them, and/or are even with them....

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